Professional Cleaning Services vs an Independent Housekeeper

When you’re considering hiring someone to clean your home, the choices can seem overwhelming. One of the first decisions you should make is whether to hire an independent housekeeper or use professional cleaning services. No matter which you choose, picking one or the other will greatly reduce the number of providers you have to pick from. While it is true that both have their benefits, professional cleaning services are often the best choice for a few reasons.


When you hire an independent housekeeper, you will typically have one person arrive to clean your whole house. Think about how long it takes you to clean it. It probably takes hours or even a whole day. Do you want someone in your home that long, disrupting your family and routine? Professional cleaning services will send a team to your home. These teams normally work together and have devised a strategy to efficiently and thoroughly clean each home. Each member of the team has specific areas assigned to them. With each working in a different area at the same time, your home will be cleaned in a much shorter period of time. 

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Equipment and Supplies

While an independent housekeeper may arrive with some of her own supplies, more often than not they will be using yours. They may not be familiar with the products you have on hand. This could lead to using them improperly or on the wrong type of surfaces causing damage. The same goes for cleaning equipment. If the person cleaning your home is unfamiliar with the brand or model of vacuum cleaner you own, it could be damaged while using or emptying it. Professional cleaning services arrive with their own supplies and usually give you an option of conventional or organic cleaning products. They are familiar with the products and equipment they use, eliminating the risk of damage.  


No matter who you choose to clean your house, accidents can happen. Professional cleaning services are insured in the event something is damaged. They will also have worker’s compensation coverage if one of their employees is injured. An individual housekeeper will likely not have insurance to cover any damage or injury they sustain, leaving you to cover the expense incurred. Hiring a professional cleaning service will prevent you from the unexpected expense resulting from damage or injury.

Quality Service

Professional cleaning services provide their employees with structured training on specific cleaning methods and products. They are completely familiarised with all of the services the company offers as well as the supplies and equipment provided and how to use them properly. This ensures your home receives high-quality service. An independent housekeeper may or may not have any specific training or certifications. You would need to request references and training documentation. Do you really want to spend time doing that with each housekeeper you interview? It is much easier to check out a cleaning service’s reputation and reviews online.


What happens if your housekeeper gets sick or has a family emergency? Will they be able to provide someone to fill in for them?  If they do, you will have a stranger you haven’t vetted cleaning your home. If not, you’ll need to find a replacement. Professional cleaning services have multiple employees and can easily provide a replacement with little or no disruption to your cleaning schedule.

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Professional Cleaning Services

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