Get 5 Star Reviews with Professional Short Term Rental Cleaning

As the proprietor of a vacation rental, the goal is a five-star review. That will attract more renters and generate more revenue. Depending on how many you have, one or two negative online reviews may not decrease your rating that much. However, if those negative reviews focus on the fact that your rental wasn’t clean, it can be enough for prospective renters to pass you by. The best way to make sure that doesn’t happen is to hire a professional short term rental cleaning service. 

 Short term rental cleaning services

Online reviews influence many of our purchasing decisions and the vacation rental industry is not exempt. A large majority of consumers choose their vacation rentals based on reviews.  In fact, 93% of consumers say that online reviews influenced their decision to purchase a particular product or service. While the location and amenities the rental has to offer are important factors cleanliness is equally, if not more important.  A 2015 survey from CLR (Calcium, Lime & Rust) cleaning product company indicated that cleanliness is one of the top deciding factors when choosing a vacation rental. 86% of those surveyed said they used online reviews to find rentals that met their cleanliness standards. 

Residential Cleaning vs Short Term Rental Cleaning 

Many people think that there isn’t any difference between residential and short term rental cleaning but that’s not the case. Cleaning a rental involves tasks that aren’t included in residential cleaning and it needs to happen quickly.

 If the rental provides the bed and bath linens, they all need to be changed. If additional linens are not provided, the existing ones will need to be laundered and reused. Because there is a short window of turnover time, having additional linens will allow the beds to be remade and the bathroom linens to be restocked while the others are being laundered. Also, toilet paper, paper towels, dishwasher detergent, and any toiletries or household supplies the rental provides need to be restocked. Any food or other items left behind by the previous renters need to be removed and thrown away. 

Short term rental cleaning requires a deeper level of cleaning than regular weekly or monthly residential service. All surfaces need to be cleaned and sanitized including tables, countertops, kitchen, and bathroom fixtures. This also includes all handles, light switches, remote controls, and even the doorknobs. The goal of short term rental cleaning is to eradicate any trace of the previous guests, including germs and bacteria, and make your rental shine.

DIY Rental Cleaning

Those new to the short term rental market often think that it’s more cost-effective to do the cleaning themselves. Saving money is probably the only advantage of DIY rental cleaning.  To begin with, the turnover day for most rentals is Saturday. This means every weekend you’re cleaning your rental. When do you get to relax? Every weekend you are tied to that rental and making sure it’s clean before the next guests arrive. Or what if you get sick and have no one to fill in for you? You will either have to cancel the booking at the last minute or have your guests arrive to find a dirty rental. Either way, you are going to end up getting a bad review which could cost you future bookings. Hiring a professional short term rental cleaning service will not only ensure that your rental is thoroughly cleaned before the arrival of every guest, but it will free up your weekends as well. 

Vacation Rental Turnover cleaning

 Professional Short Term Rental Cleaning

Whether you have a single vacation rental or are a property manager with multiple locations, thorough and consistent short term rental cleaning is important. On the Spot Cleaning offers professional cleaning services for vacation rentals as well as residential and commercial properties. Our team is made up of experienced cleaners who know how to scrub, sanitize and clean every inch of your rental. We serve Ocean and Monmouth counties, including rental properties on LBI. Contact us today to schedule your short term rental cleaning service.

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