What counties in New Jersey do you service?
We service Ocean and Monmouth County. We will travel further for larger jobs but a travel fee would be required.

Do you charge a travel fee or is it included in your pricing?
We do not charge a travel fee with in a 20 mile radius.

Do you provide free estimates?
We do provide free estimates for all our services.

Do you move furniture when you clean?
We will be more than happy to move small furniture. Please let our receptionist know that it is needed when you book your appointment.

Will you clean outside the home as well if requested?
We will clean outside your home as well.

Is there a manager or owner on every job?
Most jobs have a crew of two to three people. Their is always a crew manager present.

Do you use illegal or undocumented workers?
No we do not, we not only make sure our employees are legal to work but they are all criminally background checked.

Are you licensed and bonded?
We are licenses and bonded. It is very important that our clients have comfort in knowing we are licensed and bonded.

What is your hourly rate?
We do not charge an hourly rate, we quote each job specific to what each client’s needs are.

Do you service residential and commercial?
We service both residential and commercial clients.

Do you have an overnight crew for commercial businesses?
Most of our commercial business is after hours. We have no problem fitting into any time frame the business owner would like.

Do you do carpet cleaning and floors?
Floor cleaning and vacuuming is part of our normal service. We also do offer carpet and upholstery steam cleaning.

Are the products you use environmentally safe?
All the products we use for power washing or outside service are pet and environment safe. We also have a green cleaning option for inside of homes at no additional charge.

Do you work weekends and holidays?
We try to cater to our clients schedule. We have staff available to fit any need.

Do you provide emergency service and is there an additional charge?
We do provide emergency service and we do charge a small surcharge for such services.

Do you provide same day service and is there an additional charge?
We do provide same day service and we do charge a small surcharge for such services.

How many people do you normally send out at one time?
Most of our crews consist of 2-3 people.

Do you provide discounts for cleaning services on a regular basis?
We have a customer loyalty program. a referral program, and also offer a service people and senior discount.

What are your normal hours of operation?
The On the Spot office is open Monday through Friday from 8-5. If you call outside of business hours your message is usually returned with in an hour.

If I have my own products to clean with, is that ok?
That is fine we give the clients the option on what is used in their home.

Do you charge extra for households with pets?
Their is no extra charge for homes with pets, but if we are doing a move in or a move out clean
to a home where a pet lives that might take some additional time. Also please be sure to tell our
receptionist about your pets so we can take proper precautions. ( ie; don’t let the cat out)


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